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Jordan Godlewski is an artist, teacher, writer, social catalyst, blogger and constant networker in the art community. As an artist, his work spans video, marbling, batik, mixed media, web design, graphic design and specifically photography where he has received several awards and international recognition. Jordan is a native to Lawton, Oklahoma where he studied in the field of Public Relations and Speech Communication at Cameron University.

Jordan has been volunteering in the Lawton-Fort Sill art community since 2011 when he accepted the position as Correspondence secretary for the Lawton Fort Sill Art Council. During his time at the Lawton Fort Sill Art Council he developed and implemented a website for the art council that featured many interactive features to engage visitors to the website. Along with the website developed for the art council, he managed to develop a sub-website that allowed members of the art council to have a one-page website featuring their biography and photos of their work. His rational behind this action was to help artists increase their exposure on a global scale. Jordan was also instrumental in assisting art council members in the logistics of producing an art show. Along with other members of the art council board, Jordan assisted art council members with properly setting up and hanging art, marketing and promoting the art show and pricing and selling art. As the program progressed, Jordan was able to incorporate other features into the program such as oversized outdoor digital signage and live streaming of the event online. Sadly, in September of 2012 Jordan had to step down from the Lawton Fort Sill Art Council to finish his Bachelors of Art in Communications at Cameron University.

While serving as the Correspondence Secretary for the Lawton Fort Sill Art Council, Jordan was also heavily involved in volunteering with the Lawton Fort Sill Arts For All on the Festival Committee. Jordan was responsible for assisting in maintaining and updating the Arts for All Festival website as well as increasing exposure through social media utilizing Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.Jordan continued to serve on the Festival committee and was appointed to the Arts for All board in 2013 as a representative at large and then as the Director of Communications from 2014 to 2016.

Jordan used his digital talents to serve the community by spreading the word about local artists through OKIE Magazine’s Monthly Grind from 2011 to 2014. His work with the magazine eventually spread to other areas including video coverage of local events in the community which he has received awards for.


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